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Professional Skin Care


You have had a really busy day of doing some things you love and some you don’t love so much, you remember you have booked a facial in at the Vibe for 5pm & you are excited but a little unsure what to expect

πŸŒ€You arrive and hear the blissful water feature and the inviting aromas of our oil diffuser – one of our gorgeous vibe girls greets and you asks you to sit on the couch for a moment while we get organised.

πŸŒ€Our beauty therapist Sarah welcomes you in to the quiet and peaceful beauty room – there is beautiful soft music on and Sarah explains how to get you organised for your facial, you pop on to the comfy beauty bed with the fluffy blankets – the lights are turned off and only the soft lighting of the himilayan salt lamp is left on

πŸŒ€Sarah asks you about your skin care routine and if you have any concerns or questions before you get to relaxed

πŸŒ€She invites you to take a few deep breaths in calling your energy back in to this moment so you can be fully present to enjoy the next 45 minutes on bliss- the facial begins, the skin care smells Devine full of fruits and vegetables , you are treated to a hand, foot, neck and shoulder massage throughout the treatment – you are slowly awakened at the end of your treatment.

πŸŒ€What a zen and relaxing experience you have had and your skin feels amazing! We love pampering you! We realise your days are busy and that this is your special you time 😊

pop in and relax at the vibe hair and beauty xx

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